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Who We Are

We are a small, select group of Real Estate Professionals who are driven by a shared passion for Italy. We specialize in the Historic Centre of Rome.

While our original mandate was to act as a Buying agent, some of our returning clients have asked us to list properties for sale.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and discretion and, regardless whether we represent you as Vendor or Buyer, we honor the Trust established between us.


You have found the Property Yourself but , for private reasons, don't want to appear or negotiate the house yourself?

Use our "Acting for you service" with utmost discrecy anywhere in Europe - we negotiate the houses in your name!

We take a fixed commission only on the SAVINGS that we make for you...

betwen the original "asking price" and the real "closing price" that we get for you!

(Please contact our office closest to you for further information on this innovative SAVING on REAL ESTATE PURCHASE service)

Royal Domus is a real estate agency that had its start in Rome and is specialized in selling and renting luxury properties in Italy and abroad. With us you'll have the opportunity to view residential and commercial properties -- apartments, penthouses, villas, buildings, sky-land, and cottages -- which are among the most stylish on the market. In addition to Italy, with its picturesque cities, we offer superb properties in Spain, including its pristine islands, and in England where tradition meets modernity and technology.

Our strength lies in offering a first class service which directly represents our clients. Our needs are the needs and desires of our customers. We strive to offer serious support in all phases of the sale, from the search for the property, to the negotiation of a favorable price and, through our affiliates, the renovation of the building, if necessary.

The interests of the client is foremost in our business.

Selling a house is a big decision that requires a series of preparatory steps. It is important to have a good knowledge of the current market and to be able to negotiate the deal and bring it to a successful conclusion. In these decisive times, it is imperative to be well advised and a dependable Real Estate Professional can help avoid pitfalls and disappointments.

Here are some tips to help you better manage a Sale:

1. Do your Homework

The first thing is to know the competition. Learn about the sales of similar houses sold in your area, the prices and terms and how long it took to close the transaction. If houses grow old on the market, it is important to understand why and not fall into the same error. Once you have determined to sell, facts allow you to decide on a realistic and achievable price. The help of your Real Estate Professional can save you time and money, for no one knows better than he the real estate situation in the neighborhood.

2. Study the market

A market study may reveal that despite the current crisis, there are segments or areas where there are more prospective buyers than actual sellers. If your property does not fall into this category, it is better to know before aspirations are frustrated by months of waiting. Only with thorough knowledge can the market be correctly evaluated. It is important to be aware that the potential buyer has unlimited access to many similar properties.

3. Negotiate a Deal (or Sale)

Negotiation is what makes the Deal. It is not only about price. It is a holistic approach that covers many aspects, including delivery, mode of payment, deposit, any repairs. These are just some of the aspects you can discuss with your Real Estate Professional.

The Deal is in a meeting point between two requirements.

It is important that your Real Estate Professional understands your needs and priorities as the Vendor. We do not over - or undervalue. Our Network means we have a strong knowledge of areas in which we operate, as well as of the wider property market.

For those wishing to buy back in the same market, the timing of the terms of payment may be crucial.

Never reject an offer outright. The intervention of your Professional Intermediary can often bring a difficult negotiation to a successful conclusion.

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