The crisis has forced real estate agents and home owners to look for alternative ways to sell real estate. the difficulty of access to a mortgage and the reluctance to lower housing prices, in fact, have led many real estate agents to circumvent the traditional sales operation and in some cases eliminate it altogether . You may barter your house for another house or yacht in another part of the world!!!

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PARIOLI RATIONALIST DESIGN PENTHOUSE OF 300sqm + 50sqm TERRACE on Viale Bruno Buozzi in a splendid Rationalist building, composed of triple living room, study, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and maids room with its own bathroom. On the floor above there is a beautiful terrace of 50sqm. On the ground floor there is the Drivers and the property includes a 30sqm Box car.

As one architectural scholar described it, Luigi Moretti’s 1950 Casa “Il Girasole” is “a bit of madness on the solidity of Roman walls.” [1] Yet, this clever apartment building in the heart of Rome is far from the work of a madman. Its subtle historical allusions and deliberately ambiguous composition betray the genius of the architect’s creative and analytical mind. Moretti, whose notable commissions include Villa La Saracena (1957), Montreal’s Stock Exchange Tower (1964), and the Watergate Complex (1971), achieves a complexity of form and materiality in “Il Girasole” that distinguishes the project from its mid-century contemporaries and has earned it recognition as one of the earliest forerunners of postmodern design.

“Il Girasole,” which translates to “the Sunflower,” receives its name from the way the building seems to free itself from contextual constraints to redefine its relationship with the environment. Notably, the side profiles theatrically fan outward to maximize their solar exposure, like a flower rotating to follow the sun. In the front, an incision cut into the façade appears to split the building in two, spilling light into the inside of the building and illuminating the main entry sequence. Adding to the creative manipulations of the profile, Moretti thinly extends the surface of the front and back façades beyond the mass of the building, giving them a light, screen-like appearance.

Classe Energetica/Energy Class.G IPE 175.00 anno.


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