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Historic building private A striking that position, size and architectural breath is different from any other existing in Capri is located between the town center and the marina great, overlooking the Gulf of Naples. The total area of the apartment is 220 square meters, divided into large living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, kitchen and service area. The apartment is located in the center of the island enjoys a large terrace with panoramic views of Capri and in particular the harbor. Palazzo Channel, building the most famous island of Capri, is represented in the famous painting by Jacob Philip Haeckert in 1792 View of Capri with Mount Solaro exhibited in the Royal Palace of Caserta, in the room devoted to the landscapes of the Kingdom of Naples all paintings by the aforementioned artist. The building was purchased and renovated in 1738 by Sir Nathaliel Thorold, among the first foreigners settled on the blue island, it later became, among other things, the residence of King Ferdinand IV in his hunting quail. The Palace (popularly called so) because of its history, elegance and architectural importance, has been cited by many authors who have described the beauty and history of Capri. It is less than five minutes from the famous Piazzetta reached along Via Lo Palazzo which takes its name from the building itself. The property has just been fully renovated with standards of luxury, quality and value. Even the plants, of course, are all new and installed in accordance with local regulations.

Classe Energetica/Energy Class:G IPE: 175,00 KWh/m2 anno/year


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