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Total area about 400 hectares, of which:
. 20 hectares of landscaped park fenced
. 20 ha of vineyards
. 45 hectares of specialized olive grove
. 30 ha reforestation
. 20 ha of arable land
. 270 ha of coppice
Total volume of real estate around 40,000 cubic meters
. 14,000 cubic villa (including theater and chapel), stables, limonaia, ancient furnace (partly ruined,
in the middle of the park)
. 8987 mc farm (including offices, residences and caretaker cellar, barn, mill, sawmill,
carpentry workshop, stables, etc.).
. 4670 mc cellar No. 1 from the beginning of '900 on three floors (including vinsantaia)
. 2870 mc cellar No. 2 in a plan, used as a wine-making and bottling
. 10,000 cubic houses and other properties
. personal property: villa, park, old farm
. Farm Bibbiani srl: land, wineries, farm buildings
Interest monumental and historical bond, artistic and / or archaeological:
. villa, chapel, theater, stables, children and old farm
. remains of the "Wall of Barco 'Medici on the hill of Pulignano
. Etruscan settlement on the hill of Montereggi
Current activities:
. production and marketing wine and olive oil, with wine-making facilities and
aging state of 'art; production of about 100,000 bottles to 'year, of which
2/3 type DOCG Chianti Montalbano, distributed to more than 60% on the market
International, in addition to other types and labels, including the new IGT Toscana
(Farm Bibbiani Ltd.)
. receptions at the villa, weddings, ceremonies, visits the park (Villa Bibbiani Ltd.)
. marketing agricultural products, real estate development (Villa Bibbiani Ltd.)
. nursery activity in the field of exotic conifers (Farm Bibbiani srl.
We must also remember that:
. massing of buildings of the villa and the farm now actually used, both
purpose residential and agricultural purposes, are absolutely marginal compared to the total
. The former farmhouses are now occupied in part as a residence for workers
farm and in part by bailees (usually former company workers)
. overall villa-park are three greenhouses at limonaia: a masonry
adjacent to the villa and currently used as a large room for receptions, weddings,
ceremonies in general, etc. (above which has been restored to the 'old roof terrace);
an 'other iron and glass, very beautiful and rare (although to be restored), adjacent to the farm and
achieved by this workshop Michelucci of Pistoia in early 1800 (depending on
volume only to the one built by the same company for the Boboli Gardens in Florence); and
third, too 'it in iron and glass, adjacent to the stables and probably coeval with them
. in the park surrounding the villa is an ancient furnace of about 2,000 cubic meters (now
partially in ruins) where they were baked bricks and pottery for the uses of the garden and
the farm
. always in monumental park is a rare ice, in excellent condition,
dating back to the Middle Ages
. under the villa, and partly under the farm, from which there is the 'access, extending the' old
Energy Class/Classe Energetica G: IPE 175.00 Um kwh /m2 anno


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